Keep The Faith Trust supports is a community fund which supports charitable community and faith organisations throughout the UK and overseas.

Keep The Faith magazine promotes family values, provides this community with a voice, highlights the need for unity, provides inspirational and aspirational news, and creates a better understanding in an ever-changing environment.

Editorial Content

  • Local and regional community news
  • Features, politics, business news, IT news
  • Interviews/profiles with community figures and role models
  • Education and careers
  • Community and music events nationwide
  • Recruitment, fostering & adoption careers
  • Human interest, health & lifestyles, family and faith

Keep The Faith magazine has been in print since 2005 and was originally launched as an A5 glossy broad sheet.  Since issue 20, the magazine transformed into a 48 page, high quality silk publication.  Keep The Faith magazine is the ONLY publication of its kind in the UK.