Our desire is simple, to serve the community of Kwa Murugi by following the example of Jesus. We don’t think that being brought up in poverty should define one’s life and we strive to help the people of Kwa Murugi.

It is a privilege to work with all the people of Kwa Murugi and whilst the word ‘slum’ is associated with it, it is our goal to aid the development of a thriving community that brings hope to the families within it, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.


There are a number of initiatives that we have started that we hope will aid this process:

Our first major project was the building of a school specifically for children of the community to enable as many children as possible to access education. We completed this project at the end of 2016 and began a greater focus on the community as a whole, looking at how we as The Doxa Project can best serve within Kwa Murugi.